Our Super Hero Team Content

Our Super Hero Team

The Northstar Superheroes are a team of guardians sworn to protect the potential of your club by bringing  the powers to help you streamline operations while elevating your member experience. It’s Superhero time!

Omni-Manager - The Operations Superhero

Culinary Crusader - The F&B Superhero

Fairway Fairy - The Golf Goddess

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Dynamic Duo - The dual force of Dev-Port

Super hero food & beverage

food & beverage

The F&B Superhero, sets the table for an unparalleled experience to help restaurants and clubs optimize their food and beverage operations, providing a range of tools to streamline processes and improve customer experiences.

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Super hero - Kitchen Display System

Kitchen Display System

Streamline kitchen workflow, reduce lost orders, easily handle order changes, and access powerful analytics to continuously improve your operations.

Super Hero - Tableside POS

Tableside POS

Equip your wait staff with mini-tablets that access member data to personalize the experience - all while improving order accuracy and meal delivery times.

Super Hero - Tabletop POS

Tabletop POS

Let members scan a QR code at the table to order and pay. It gives members another option while giving your wait staff more time to spend with them.

Super hero - HostView


Give the host a full view of the dining room to do everything from balance table assignments to see real-time table status to predict turnover.

Super Hero - Grab n’ Go

Grab n’ Go

Give members the ability to place and pay for to-go orders from the website or club app. Even send notifications to members to let them know the order is ready.

Super Hero - Banquets & Catering

Banquets & Catering

Full integration with all your other club management modules make it a snap to schedule, manage staffing needs, and coordinate with F&B inventory.