Northstar Technologies Acquires Happometer, Offering Advanced Solutions for Member Experience Feedback to Clubs, Resorts & POAs heading

Northstar Technologies Acquires Happometer, Offering Advanced Solutions for Member Experience Feedback to Clubs, Resorts & POAs

Northstar Technologies Acquires Happometer, Offering Advanced Solutions for Member Experience Feedback to Clubs, Resorts & POAs content

Alpharetta, GA - May 9th 2023 - Northstar Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions for club management, has announced its acquisition of Happometer, a platform designed to capture member experience feedback and improve customer satisfaction in clubs and resorts. This acquisition brings together two powerful platforms, enabling businesses to provide a comprehensive solution for managing their club operations and enhancing the overall member experience.

By combining Northstar Technologies' advanced club management tools with Happometer's powerful member experience feedback features, businesses such as country clubs, city clubs, athletic clubs, property owner associations, and resorts can improve customer satisfaction by collecting & providing real time member experience feedback. They can further enhance their communication with the members and make more informed data driven decisions.

“We are really excited to have the Happometer team join the Northstar Family. With the integration of Happometer's powerful member experience feedback tools, businesses can stay on top of member satisfaction and make changes that can drive long-term success and growth.” said Prasad Suryadevara, Northstar’s Founder and CEO. “Overall, the acquisition of Happometer by Northstar Technologies represents a major step forward in the evolution of software solutions for clubs, resorts & POAs.”

With this acquisition, Northstar Technologies continues to position itself as a leader in club management and member experience feedback solutions, providing unparalleled value to its customers.

"I am thrilled that Happometer has joined forces with Northstar to accelerate the future of management and customer experience solutions. Not only will this acquisition enhance Happometer’s ability to meet the growing needs of current users, but it will also expand its reach on a global scale in the process.

The acquisition marks a positive and constructive milestone on all levels. It’s a great harbinger of scalability, expansion and innovation to strengthen the value proposition to Northstar users. I am also excited about the opportunity to expand on the promise of richer analytics and deeper technologies. Northstar has a rich culture of global diversity that forms the fundamental underpinnings of creativity to deliver success to an equally diverse client base.” said Imad Atalla, CEO, Happometer.

About Happometer

Happometer is a SaaS platform for managing the customer and team experience. It offers best in class solutions for private club and hospitality managers on the move, enabling them to discover and enhance the guest and member experience at all levels.

Founded in Boston back in 2015, Happometer has come a long way since serving its early adopters. Happometer has experienced a qualitative evolution in its feature offerings and automation to help streamline the operations of its users toward unified goals, aided by a continuous stream of input from their customers. Today, as an integral member of the Northstar constellation of software products, Happometer continues on an upward trajectory.

About Northstar

Founded in 2003, Northstar is the leading provider of enterprise management software for private and semi-private membership-based clubs, homeowner associations and hospitality organizations. The award-winning Northstar Club Software is an innovative fully integrated solution built on highly scalable single database architecture, ensuring a robust and reliable system experience for clients and their members/guests. Northstar's software platform is currently used by over 1500 membership-based clubs worldwide and is supported by over 400 full-time professionals in the US and around the world.