The Future of

The Future of

Club & Community Management Software

Northstar is excited to announce the launch of our latest platform, NS Nexus. Building off our fully integrated software platform, customers will benefit from this launch with an updated NS Office, a new Employee App & the latest cutting-edge design across all applications.

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  • A modern interface to streamline navigation, reduce complexity & minimize clicks

  • Enhanced productivity tools that simplify daily tasks

  • Personalized Dashboard-style Home Screen with customizable Widgets

  • Smart-Navigator with stored Favorites Menu and Breadcrumbs

  • Global Search for efficient information retrieval

  • Pinned Searches for quick access to frequent queries

  • Support for multi-tab/multi-window operations

  • Compatibility across devices

  • Contextual Help system for on-demand assistance

  • Ticklers feature for timely reminders and notifications

How to get

How to get Nexus?

Fill out this brief form and one of our Northstar experts will reach out to you right away!

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