mobile app

Mobile App

  • Home screen with user-defined Glances for quick access to areas within the application; members choose what they want.
  • Instagram-like Feed screen to view communication delivered from the Club.
  • A clean and uncluttered navigation.
  • Real time access and ability to close F&B checks
  • Tee Times, Dining, Event and Activities Reservations.
  • Grab n Go self-ordering for F&B items.
  • Push notifications.
  • Buddy lists and chat.
Responsive Websites


  • Complete list of club events with event registration capabilities.
  • Members can look up and reserve their tee times.
  • Dining Reservations at your member's convenience.
  • The convenience of ordering food on the go.
  • For Courts, Fitness, Childcare, other user-defined activities.
  • Member current charges, minimum balances, historical statements with drill-down to item.
  • Ability to send campaigns to targeted members in the club.
  • Ability to easily add and update pages on the website.
  • Including roster listing, interests and on-line payments.
  • Ability to have private club blogs, wikis and group pages.
  • Members can make appointments at the spa.
  • Websites are responsive on all devices.


  • Effective, powerful tools for capturing prospective member leads and following up with them.
  • Visibility into the sales pipeline with each stage of the membership process mapped out; potent reporting on all aspects of Membership/Prospect changes will keep the Membership Committee happy!
Northstar CRM
Northstar Campaign Editor


  • Email, Push Notifications, and SMS.
  • Create a vibrant HTML campaign or email for newsletters and any club communication.
  • Easy to use content editor enables even the novice to create exciting, interactive messages.
  • Dozens of Templates for any type of occasion; Holidays, Club Events, etc.
  • Fully Responsive email campaigns are viewable on any device.
  • Send messages to club members based on their membership type, interests, preferences, spending habits, age group, gender and much more.
  • Send out email or campaign for any violation, payment due messages, open reservations from different modules such as Events, Dining, POS, Tee Times, etc.
  • Maintain a list of graphics and images in the library using File Manager.
  • Capabilities to send out messages through SMS to their club member phone numbers using data mining member information from membership modules.
  • Allow users to subscribe / unsubscribe from mailing lists based on their interests (which can be tracked by club users, themselves).
  • Reporting tool for tracking emails, progress, sent, recipient list, email opened/accessed, received in spam and much more.

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