Maximize Your Club Brand and Communications with Membership Marketing

By Bill Wagner

Back in the day, getting new members was easy for the club but for the prospective member, not so much. Today, for most clubs' times have changed and clubs work actively to attract and recruit new members. A prospective member in most markets has many club choices and looks for a club that will best fit his / her needs. One thing, however, remains the same - the word of mouth of current members; their engagement & enthusiasm level with the club greatly impacts future member recruitment.

Technology has disrupted the way a club communicates with its membership and potential members too. A newsletter or periodic club magazine is still a nice to have but the importance of digital communication has increased tremendously in the past decade. A club that communicates with its members on a regular basis is more likely to have a membership that is engaged both virtually and physically. An engaged member is a happy member and one who talks excitedly about his club and recommends it to his / her friends and family.

The Northstar collection of unique modules provide many ways to reach the membership on several levels - be it via one on one targeted communication with members, segmentation by interests and club activities or app notifications to name a few. Additionally, the system generated notifications of special days like anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, etc. creates a very personal and lasting connection between the club and its members.