Hotel >> Rooms

Hotel >> Rooms

Rooms Reservation


  • Guest Rooms Reservation System.
  • On-Line reservations via website and smartphone app.
  • GDS Interface (Hotwire,, and many others) option.
  • Touchless Check-In and Keyless Room entry via smartphone app.
  • Integration with Membership and POS
  • Charges flow directly to the Room Folio.

Hotel >> Door Access

Hotel >> Door Access

Door Access

  • Works in conjunction Northstar Front Desk Member Check-In Module
  • Offline mode allows access - even when connection is lost.
  • RFID (key fobs, stickers, etc.), ClubNow App digital card, and Member Card access.
Door Access Terminal

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"Guest Room Reservation System & Door Access Software - Powering over 1000 clubs "

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