ClubView - New Tool Impacting Prospect & Member Experience

ClubView - New Tool Impacting Prospect & Member Experience

ClubView - New Tool Impacting Prospect & Member Experience

Northstar's ClubView, Instantly Delivers the Information Needed for a Club Membership Director to be on Top of all Aspects of her / his Responsibilities.

Information is POWER and ClubView provides that power to the club staff. ClubView puts the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE AND HOW in the hands of the club management to provide an exceptional service experience.

How Does It Work?

The SMART ClubView in conjunction with the Northstar Software Suite gathers information that is relevant to a membership director from various sources and summarizes it to what is pertinent. The membership director can see who is on property in real-time, allowing prospects and members to be personally acknowledged while they are at the club.

The guest list feature allows staff to add relevant guests into the lead database based on their interaction with or knowledge of the guest. The leads list feature organizes prospect details and identifies each contact by status - hot / cold.

ClubView gives you access to this information at your fingertips - accessible on any mobile or online device.

What Can ClubView Tell Me?

ClubView enables club staff to have relevant information resulting in an elevated prospect and member experience. The technology identifies WHO is WHERE at the club at any moment affording club staff control of their experience.

Northstar User Conference - Register Now

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Insights include, but are not limited to:

  • Progression of dining experience
  • Personal likes and dislikes
  • Birthday, anniversary, and customized event notifications

No matter where you are, you as the membership professional have key data to make prospects and members feel special, wanted and part of a close knit club family.

ClubView places the power of technology in the hands of the staff, so that they can provide exceptional member service.

Curious for more information on ClubView?
Review our presentation BUT WAIT!!! There is more...The first 25 clubs that sign up for ClubView and reference PCMA will get 50% off ClubView for the first year. Drop an email to [email protected] or [email protected] to claim your subscription TODAY!