A Tool at your Fingertips to Access Fast & Accurate Live Data for Managing Club Operations

By Bill Wagner

As a private club executive, have you dream of having a quick state-of-the-club overview at your fingertips? Remember when you needed to answer a board members’ question about operations, and you would have to interrupt the accounting office to create special reports that could take weeks? Well, now you and your department heads can access live departmental data to help manage the club directly from your laptops and tablets.

As a longtime Club GM, some of my most vivid, nightmarish, memories are of the confusion and pressure that precedes “THE BOARD MEETING”. The administration office is trying to get the committee minutes from the department heads, the financial statements, the GM’s report, the President's report, the minutes from last month, the CFO’s report, the list of items to approve, new business, old business. etc., etc., etc. All of this data must be squeezed into a giant three-ring binder called the “THE BOARD BOOK” and all of the before-mentioned items must be correctly ordered and match the AGENDA.

How would you like to have an integrated system that electronically organizes all the information contained in the old three-ring binder? Each board member would get a tablet that has the Agenda and all the pertinent information (kept for a year or more if desired). This system would be flexible to accommodate all the typical club quirks. The system could expand into the individual committees as well as the Board Meeting. Well, Northstar has done it. It is called BOARD BOOK and it is available with CLUBVIEW.

ClubView does not stop with Board Books but covers many aspects of the club operations. You can access a member’s profile in the Member section, while the Just Arrived section will give you information about which member is currently at the club. Red Book lists all the events in the club including an instant Banquet Event Order system (so no more running about with outdated paper BEO’s). Got you interested? Wait there is more – I have not even mentioned the Leads Pipeline, the Metrics, the Milestones, the POS, or Kitchen Display System. See the attached video for a quick overview on ClubView or better yet see the video and then sign up for the Northstar Solutions Café Webinar on Improving Club Operations & Decision Making with ClubView on Wednesday, May 15th, 2019.