4 fiendish problems that haunt every golf operation heading

4 fiendish problems that haunt every golf operation

4 fiendish problems that haunt every golf operation content

By Srishti Singh

A golf outing at your club deserves to be amazing. Unfortunately, hideously antiquated software or Frankensteined systems can cast a dark cloud over the experience.

Here are 4 fiendish problems that can haunt you – along with ways to exorcise the demons that may be keeping your golf operation from becoming everything it can be.

The tangled web that is your tee sheet

Your tee sheet is at the heart of your golf operation. That means subpar tee sheet functionality can have a huge effect on your day – adding confusion and chaos.

Leading club management software delivers the functionality that keeps those demons at bay. You’ll be able to easily handle the inherent challenges that come with scheduling. But you’ll also be able to do it while applying the club’s rules and rates to each member’s request.


With systems like Northstar’s, you can also take advantage of an intuitive system that assigns tee times in a random or weighted lottery.

Moreover, the tee sheet functionality ties into the club app, so members can reserve a time from their smartphones. They can set up an outing for an individual foursome. Or they can designate a linked group – and be reassured the groups are scheduled for consecutive tee times.

Pro shop sales that have flatlined

It’s scary how easy it is for your pro shop to become a ghost of its once-relevant self. The good news is that today’s best club management systems add the functionality that can give your pro shop a jolt. For example, you’ll have the analytical abilities to understand what your members like, helping you create a more compelling offering.

Additionally, the same system can also help improve how you operate. You’ll have integrated inventory management. And it will always be updated on your retail POS screens, so you know what you have and what you need to reorder. To top it off, you’ll also be able to set up e-commerce, giving your members another way to shop and purchase.

All of this helps improve your pro shop offering – and improve sales. All while streamlining what it takes to manage it.

Tournament management hell

Tournaments should be celebrated at your club. But antiquated systems can cause your staff to dread them.

Leading club management software builds in the capabilities that help dispel the dread. These systems will allow you to set up rules and rates for each tournament. You can also define the format and manage the start – whether shotgun or crossover.

Players will be able to register through the club website or the club app. And, of course, it integrates with the tee sheet functionality. The system can even send automated notifications to confirm registrations and deliver updates to both your members and your staff. All of this takes the headache out of managing the event.


Scheduling nightmares

Without the right systems, the scheduling in your golf operation can turn into an unholy beast.

Modern systems recognize the importance of clubs having the ability to manage a disparate collection of scheduling needs. These solutions build in functionality to help clubs easily manage all of it. For example, the Northstar system allows club members to see teaching pros’ schedules and book a lesson – all from the website or app. The same goes for reserving other resources like a practice bay or a golf simulator. The same system also makes it easy for your staff to schedule recurring events like leagues.

An advanced system can prove invaluable. Your members will love the convenience. And you and your staff will love how easy it is to tame the scheduling beast.

Discover how you can escape the fiendish challenges that can haunt any golf operation. Request a demo of the Northstar system. It’s a comprehensive solution built on one database to help you transform your golf experience.