Why Tabletop POS looks so appetizing to clubs heading

Why Tabletop POS looks so appetizing to clubs

Why Tabletop POS looks so appetizing to clubs content

By Srishti Singh

Clubs continue to look for that perfect recipe. A rare combination of the potential to improve revenues while boosting efficiency. And all while enhancing the member experience.

It’s for this very reason that more and more clubs are implementing Tabletop POS systems in their restaurants.

The tantalizing promise of Tabletop POS

With a Tabletop POS system, members can utilize a tabletop tablet to access the menu, order, and pay. Or, they can scan a QR code that opens up the system on their smartphones. Some clubs offer members both options.

The system is enticing because of the control it gives members when it comes to their dining experience. They can set the pace of the meal, ordering immediately if they're in a hurry or maybe choosing a more leisurely pace if they’re dining with friends. They can also reorder an item with a click (another drink!) They can combine or split the check in the system. And pay when they are ready to go.

Tabletop POS

All of this can have a huge impact on the perception of the dining experience at your club. And that’s just the beginning.

Addressing staff challenges

The Great Resignation has made it tougher to retain staff – especially for the hospitality sector. An addition like Tabletop POS can help you change the game.

The system frees up servers, allowing them to become more of a meal consultant – sharing specials, answering questions, and more. In fact, servers can spend more of their time with the diners who desire the attention.

This is not the only way that Tabletop POS can make the job more rewarding. Studies have shown that the system can actually increase earnings for servers. It allows them to serve more tables and, as a result, increase the number of tips. And, you can set it up to present automatic tip calculations and recommended tip levels which have been shown to boost the server’s tip amounts.

Improving sales

Tabletop POS can improve revenue in a couple of ways. First, the system helps improve table turnover in your dining room, allowing you to serve more guests.

Second, the system has the ability to boost average ticket amounts by presenting:

  • Enticing photos of dishes you want to feature
  • Add-on suggestions
  • Engaging messages – like a special, limited-time-only creation from the chef

All of this can help increase sales. In fact, a study showed that, with a Tabletop POS system, the length of stay shortened by 10% while the average sales per check rose by nearly 3%. And that’s just one study. Other results show sales per check rising even higher than that.

Finding efficiencies

Guy using Tabletop POS system

When it comes to uncovering new efficiencies, a Tabletop POS system really delivers. The system improves communication between the front and back of the house since the order is entered through the tablet or smartphone and then instantly delivered to the kitchen display system. 

This speed of delivery cuts wait times (and meal times as mentioned above). Plus, since the members are entering the orders themselves, there is better order accuracy.

Additionally, you can update menus instantly. And go green, eliminating paper menus which also saves you on the costs of paper and printing.

Serving up even more advantages

There are a variety of additional ways that a Tabletop POS system can enhance the experience in your club’s restaurant.

For those members who have lingering concerns about the pandemic, Tabletop POS can provide a dining option with limited exposure to staff.

For groups, one diner can pick up the check. Or you can have a group order where each individual diner pays on their own.

Once an order is placed, you have the option of presenting the members with a countdown clock to show them when they can expect their meals. 

A member can flag a server through the Tabletop POS. Since the server can see all the tables in the system, they can instantly know which party requires immediate attention.

All the data gathered by the system gives you the insight to optimize the menu, develop promotional efforts that will resonate with members, and even identify problem areas to address.

All in all, a Tabletop POS system can improve how you operate, While improving the experience for your members and your staff. That’s the kind of recipe that clubs find irresistibly enticing. It’s also why Tabletop POS continues to grow in popularity among leading clubs.

To learn more about the advantages of Tabletop POS, contact Northstar. We can show you what a premier solution will help you do. Better yet, we can show you how it can integrate with your entire operation by plugging into a complete club management system operating on one database. For a complimentary consultation, call Northstar today.