Engaging members with the club, as well as each other - the only reasons to have a Smartphone Club App. Heading

Engaging members with the club, as well as each other - the only reasons to have a Smartphone Club App.

Engaging members with the club, as well as each other - the only reasons to have a Smartphone Club App. Content

By Srishti Singh

There is a lot of technology available to help clubs enhance the member experience. The club app is perhaps one of the most prominent additions clubs can embrace. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different functionality that exists. How do you decide what’s important?  And then how do you then compare offerings?

The one killer benefit that you absolutely need to demand

There is one benefit that will ensure you’re not dealing with buyer’s remorse. Or find yourself feeling like your app is out of step with your club a year down the road.

What’s that benefit? True Integration.

Integration means that your club app is not another piece of standalone technology. Another system your staff and members have to learn. Another system you have to figure out how to cobble with the others. Another system that may not keep pace with the evolution of technology at your club.

An integrated app offering is one that operates on the same database as your club management software. And that club management software database encompasses the entire club. No disparate systems. One database for all parts of your club.

Why is one database so important?

Keep your members informed and engaged, in one place:

  • Real-time news feed keeps them up to date with “what’s happening”. Read and see what the club is offering - and they’re invited to participate.
    • Integrated Buddies lists allow them to invite their friends too. Get more people to that Dinner Dance, Golf Tournament, or Crab Feast!
    • Events and other member activities flow from the back office (set up) to the Club App - and then back to the office for reservations & billing.
    • OR, staff can use their device to take a picture of a member event - and post it to the feed - WITH a link to the next event reservations screen.
  • Close any open F&B Check right from their Club App. Paperless and Convenient!

Full Integration is truly the killer benefit in a rounded club mobile app.

  • Members have access to all facets of the club, with information updated in real-time, which  creates a rich and truly seamless experience
  • You reduce implementation and maintenance issues since it's all part of one club management system. One number to call for Support.
  • Your staff don’t have to learn a new system.
  • You gain a deeper understanding of how your members use your app and club, helping you to better orient the club offering to the things members demonstrate are important to them.

What else to look for

Integration is key to powering all the functionality the ideal app delivers. Now let’s look at some of the other aspects that create a great club app.


The club app should deliver the same sense of belonging that a member feels when he or she steps foot in the club.

For example, with the Northstar ClubNow Mobile App, you can display a video of your club’s facilities right on the home screen along with your club’s logo. Unlike other apps on the market, the ClubNow App allows members the ability to customize the menu options that appear on their app. So each time your members open the app, it feels unique to their club and unique to each of them.

Club App

Intuitive user experience

The app should be easy for your members to use right from the start. In other words, it should be intuitive with icons and functionality that just makes sense. 

For example, a member can tap their image on the ClubNow App home screen, and be taken right to their profile. Access and pay open F&B chits right from the home screen. Notifications that alert to communication from the club. Also, there is a menu icon at the bottom of the app screen that allows users to access other navigation options. In the ClubNow App, this menu gives members immediate links to areas like:

  • Grab ‘n’ Go ordering
  • Reservations for dining, golf, and activities
  • The member’s buddy list so they can connect with their friends through the app

The entire construction of the app experience puts the links that members use the most right at their fingertips. And it makes the extended navigation easily accessible.

Advanced communication options

The younger generations represent the future of the club. These are generations that live on their smartphones and have an expectation for the communication abilities of the club app.

They expect automatic notifications. They expect the ability to connect with other members through your app. And more.

With the ClubNow App, notifications get taken to the next level thanks to the connection to the Northstar complete club software solution.. This allows your staff to generate and deliver notifications based on a large range of parameters like demographics, spending habits, birthdays, and A/R Status just to name a few - there are truly countless ways to select whom you wish to communicate with. So you can deliver highly-relevant notifications to your members through their app.

For more information on choosing an app solution for your club, request a demo of the ClubNow App – part of the Northstar complete club management software solution. It’s the solution built on one database to create one source of truth to help you make the best decisions for an exceptional member experience. Request a demo, today.