Ringing up the rewards with a smart retail POS system heading

Ringing up the rewards with a smart retail POS system

Ringing up the rewards with a smart retail POS system content

By Srishti Singh

There isn’t a modern club out there that doesn’t have some type of retail POS system. We think of it most often as a denizen of someplace like the pro shop. But forward-thinking clubs have recognized the advantages of incorporating the technology into multiple areas.

For one, it gives you more revenue-generating opportunities. But even more importantly, it offers convenience to your members. Maybe they want to pick up a quick snack before they head poolside or a club-branded water bottle from the club store before they hit the courts.

A smart retail POS system helps you take advantage of these opportunities. And then it goes further.

Elevating your service


Imagine your member stepping into the pro shop to buy a sleeve of balls before his round. Now imagine your staff member calling up that member’s profile from the POS terminal and seeing what brand he likes to play and asking him if that’s what he would like. It’s a small thing. But this has a huge effect on that member feeling connected to your club. And this is just one example. Imagine this same level of custom attention being delivered wherever your member is spending money at your club.

There’s much more. A smart system will allow you to track and redeem a gift certificate that the member received (and even offer the ability to limit the redemption of it to certain areas of the club). You can quickly issue a credit. Easily apply discounts from promotional offers you have sent out. And effortlessly manage bulk purchases - like when your member buys a package of five lessons and you need to track redemption.

Most of all, a fully-connected retail POS system makes this seem effortless to your members, creating a great vibe at your club.

Building a next-level retail experience

Creating an exceptional retail experience in your club means going beyond the POS terminal. A great retail POS system recognizes the need to build a digital experience as well. With e-commerce capabilities incorporated, the system will give your members the convenience of purchasing food, items, and services from the club website or through the club app.

Again, this delivers the convenience your members value and helps you deliver a contemporary club experience.


Streamlining the back of the house

A characteristic of a truly great retail POS system is what goes unseen. It’s all the smart functionality that improves everything behind the scenes – from purchasing to inventory management and more.

For example, with the Northstar Retail POS system, you can generate purchase orders and track them through to receipts. Since the system operates on one database, it seamlessly connects with inventory control and accounts payable. This reduces the manual work of entering data into different systems. At the same time, it helps you keep track of everything. Inventory is recognized as it arrives and can be sold right away. And the inventory updates as sales happen – whether that’s from a terminal in your club or through your e-commerce store. This complete inventory tracking helps keep your retail operation running smoothly.

Additionally, you can generate the reports you need to make better decisions for your retail needs.

  • Purchasing - reports in real-time covering on-order, back-ordered, and received items
  • Inventory - reports that detail inventory count, valuation, turn-over, and profit margin in real-time
  • Insights - data aggregation and analysis to track trends, identify potential problems, and more

Today’s premier retail POS solutions help clubs do so much more than set up a terminal to receive payments. They recognize the opportunity to increase revenue-generating moments while helping optimize operations behind the scenes. All in service of creating convenience and an exceptional experience for your members.

If you’d like to see what you could accomplish with the retail offering at your club, request a demo of the Northstar Retail POS system. A robust system built on one database that helps deliver a fully-connect approach to ring up all the rewards your retail offering can deliver. Request a demo, today.