When planning Country Club renovation, don’t forget to renovate the club management software. heading

When planning Country Club renovation, don’t forget to renovate the Club Management Software.

When planning Country Club renovation, don’t forget to renovate the club management software. content

By Srishti Singh

Renovating facilities can breathe new life into the club. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of updating the surroundings to make the club feel more modern and vibrant.

Other times, certain updates can reflect the shift in member preferences. For example, the pandemic drove a desire for more open-air or patio dining.


Of course, undertaking a renovation is no small chore. Because of the investment, it’s wise to take a step back and look at the scope of renovating the country club through the lens of improving the member experience. After all, it would be easy to look no further than the updates to the physical facilities. But this is also a great time to look at the systems that support those facilities. Renovating or upgrading your technology can ensure that you're creating a modern experience within those modern spaces. Better yet, you can make that happen with just a minor part of the renovation budget.

Teeing up an exceptional golf experience

With a renovation of the club golf course, much attention will be paid to the physical improvements (as it should be). But also consider all those things surrounding the golf outing that can make the whole experience exceptional. With top-flight systems, you can enable capabilities like booking tee times online and easily gathering, confirming, and communicating with your foursome. Plus, imagine a new POS system in the pro shop that improves your retail capabilities – from purchasing to inventory management.


Serving up an updated dining experience

Your members will be enamored by the plans for the updated surroundings. This is the perfect time to implement the tools that will help give your service a new look as well. Consider adding F&B POS systems that help streamline how you operate while helping you personalize the member experience. This can include innovations like Northstar’s Tableside POS which equips your wait staff with mini-tablets that connect with all the other systems in your F&B operation. Also, consider adding in highly-desirable new services like Grab ‘n Go which allow members to order from an easy-to-use club app.

Upgrading the way you connect with members

As you plan and execute your renovation, you’ll want to keep members apprised of the exciting changes. That makes this a great time to consider an upgrade in the tools you use to communicate.

New systems can help you advance the club website, unlocking capabilities that members can use to interact with the club. That may include the ability to make reservations for events or dining. Or, the ability to pay the bill online.

You can also add a club app. Your members all have smartphones. It only makes sense to create an avenue to connect with them on the one device that they always have with them. You can give them all the capabilities available on the website, plus the power to communicate with other members through the app.

Also, don’t forget your outreach tools. New technology makes it easy to create graphics-rich emails. And then segment members by interests, preferences, spending habits, and more. Additionally, you can implement the capability to send text messages, as well as notifications through your club app.

There are many more examples of opportunities to refresh your technology as you renovate the facilities. For example:

  • Convenient self check-in capabilities
  • Security-enhancing gatehouse technology
  • Streamlined accounts receivables and accounts payable
  • Powerful reporting and analytics
  • Game-changing business intelligence capabilities

And this is just a start. Take a look at what you hope to accomplish with your country club renovation from a member experience perspective. Then evaluate whether or not your current systems and technology do justice to your renovated physical facilities. You may discover that it’s time to upgrade.

Learn more about how an update to your technology can further enhance the physical renovations at your club. Request a demo of the Northstar solution – a complete club management system built on one database to help your club take advantage of every opportunity to upgrade the member experience.