Northstar acquires MiClub golf course management software to meet members’ growing technology expectations

Northstar acquires MiClub golf course management software to meet members’ growing technology expectations

Northstar acquires MiClub golf course management software to meet members’ growing technology expectations heading

By Srishti Singh

Once you play at a club with great technology, it sets the standard for what you expect from every club. You expect to schedule a tee time online. You expect digital scorecards. On-course GPS and many of the other great advancements.

This is what's happening to more and more members these days. Maybe they're visiting a friend's club. Or playing a round while on vacation. Once they experience the technology, they expect every club to deliver it.

The technology is especially important to the younger prospects

The younger generations are the future of your club. For this large group of digital natives, the technology is not just a "nice-to-have". It's a "must-have".

They expect to connect from their phones, anytime and from virtually anywhere. And more and more, they expect a club app that brings it all together for them.

The technology leaders evolve their club management software offering

These accelerating expectations have not escaped the technology leaders in this industry. In fact, premier club management software provider Northstar Technologies, Inc. has announced the acquisition of MiClub – a leading provider of golf and club management software solutions in Australia and Southeast Asia.

"Northstar and MiClub have worked closely together, through strategic channel partnership, serving and supporting the golf industry in Australia and Southeast Asia for almost a decade," said Prasad Suryadevara, Northstar's Founder and CEO. "This transaction really reflects a natural next step for our partnership and enables us to further leverage our respective capabilities, offer our clients enhanced functionality and features, increase penetration and share in our existing markets as well as expand our geographic reach across the global membership, association and hospitality management space."

The acquisition highlights how forward-thinking providers are advancing their ability to serve the evolving needs of clubs all over.

"MiClub has prided itself in setting the agenda for golf solutions and ensuring our clients are at the forefront of delivering best practices and a superior service experience," commented Peter Maddison, MiClub's Co-founder and Managing Director. "Prasad and the Northstar team share that same vision and purpose, deeply understand our business and have been a tremendously supportive partner over the years. Extending this partnership and becoming part of the Northstar family enables MiClub to continue our mission and strengthen our position as a market leader."

One company. One database. One extraordinary experience.

The Northstar acquisition of MiClub illustrates how providers are working to bring everything under one roof, making it easy for clubs to access a best-in-class club management software solution.

But what does that mean for the member?

In the Northstar case, that solution is built on one database which allows clubs to get a comprehensive view of how members use the club as well as their likes and preferences. With this insight, the club now has the ability to personalize the experience for the members. And deliver it with the technology that those members are increasingly expecting.

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