Nexus evolves how you’ll think about club management software heading

Nexus evolves how you’ll think about club management software

Nexus evolves how you’ll think about club management software content

By Srishti Singh

Northstar announced the release of Nexus – an innovation in club management software. Nexus brings together the key components of an exceptional system, evolving each component to advance club management capabilities while helping elevate the member experience.

A look back

Club management software has come a long way since Northstar set the standard in 2003. Technology has evolved at an ever-increasing pace. As have user expectations.

As a point of reference, consider that, in 2003, social media had not taken over yet. And the iPhone would not make its debut until four years later in 2007.

Over two decades later, ultra-connectivity has changed the way clubs operate. And it has changed the expectations of the club experience among members.


Enter Nexus

Nexus rises to meet the expectations of today and advance the possibilities of tomorrow through its four key components.


The Office module is the heart of operations. For the latest version of this critical component, Northstar gathered input from hundreds of clubs globally. The result is an advanced offering that brings you exceptional Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger functionality. It also adds in Timekeeping and the Financial Report Designer to help you uncover the insights that can advance your club operations.


Employee App

The Employee App is the youngest member of the Nexus suite. But it is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after additions. The app delivers powerful functionality to the one device that every one of your team members carries.

The Employee App incorporates features from key modules. For example, Club View from the Office module has been integrated. This allows team members to access the entire club roster right from their smartphones to see who is at the club, see all reservations, see who is seated in the restaurant, access members’ profiles, and more.

Additionally, features from the Activities & Spa module allow staff to manage reservations right from the app. They can create any type of booking, including massage, wellness visits, tennis, and squash. And see everything that they have scheduled in list view or calendar view. This kind of control allows your staff to manage their own schedules like never before.

To top it off, the Employee App is customizable, allowing you to apply your club’s design and branding – making the app feel like part of your club.

Member Website

Today, the Member Website is an extension of your club, allowing members to interact in a myriad of ways. That makes it a valuable property.

As part of Nexus, the Member Website evolves its capabilities – all while refining the user experience. Members can make dining reservations, reserve their tee times, and sign up for classes through the site. The club can set up e-commerce to sell merchandise from any of the club shops. You can even give members the ability to order and pay for Grab ‘N Go from the club restaurants. All through the site.

Members can access a complete list of club events through an interactive calendar that also allows them to make a reservation and even pay. Plus they can access their account to check charges, minimum balances, and more.

You’ll also find powerful functionality that makes it easy to manage the site as well as create, send, and track marketing campaigns. With Nexus, The Member Website advances in its ability to help build stronger connections with your members.

Member App

The Member App puts the club at their fingertips no matter where they are, making it easy to schedule tee times, make dining and activity reservations, close F&B checks, and more.

The home screen can be customized by the members with Glances that give them quick links to the parts of the app they use the most. An Instagram-like feed in the app allows them to interact with the club and other members. Plus, buddy lists make it easy to connect with friends at the club and schedule get-togethers. The app even features push notifications which members can opt into to receive announcements and reminders.

Nexus brings together the key components that every club needs to achieve a higher level of operational excellence, while also elevating the member experience. To see everything that Nexus can do, request a demo. And discover what’s possible for your club.