Best-in-class customer feedback: what it takes for Customer Experience Management heading

Best-in-class customer feedback: What it takes for Customer Experience Management.

Best-in-class customer feedback: what it takes for Customer Experience Management content

By Srishti Singh

It is a challenge to keep a finger on the pulse of the ever-shifting sentiments of members. Moreover, it’s too easy to form opinions based on a gut feeling or a few anecdotal member comments. That can lead to missing the signs of an underlying issue. Or missing an opportunity to make an adjustment that elevates the member experience.

This is why leading clubs are pivoting to a new breed of member feedback solutions. These solutions are raising the expectations for gathering and utilizing feedback in order to elevate the experience at clubs.

Happometer is one such solution. The company has developed a unique platform that goes beyond just collecting feedback to helping clubs manage the member and team experience.

“You’re going to be able to better understand that member journey through your club,” says Happometer CEO Imad Atalla. “And you’re going to be able to enhance the member engagement.”

There are three key areas that define this next generation of solutions and set offerings like Happometer apart.

Ease of Integration with existing systems

An advanced solution should integrate seamlessly with all areas of club operations. It should help you simplify the process by automatically and intuitively requesting feedback – whether that's after a dining experience or after a member attends a club event and more. The request should be personalized. And it should make it simple for your members to provide feedback. For example, clubs have the ability to gather feedback via email outreach or through SMS (text messaging) with a system like Happometer. Furthermore, there is built-in intelligence to ensure that no member will ever feel overwhelmed by the number of requests for their feedback.


In the Happometer case, they go a step further specializing in the private club industry. This allows the company to understand and address the nuanced needs that clubs have when it comes to customer experience management, whether be it a member or team experience.

Actionable insights

Intuitively gathering feedback is important. But just as important is what you do with that feedback.

The premier solutions give managers the ability to act. For example, the system will identify comments with a negative sentiment and send an alert to the general manager’s (or a specific department manager’s) streaming dashboard. Real-time access to the feedback means the manager can immediately take action, perhaps seeking out the member while she or he is still at the club to personally address the issue.

The system also provides the general manager with the ability to create an incident response case, assess the seriousness of the incident, and even assign a staff member to follow up with the club member.

These systems also deliver powerful analysis. This analysis can help managers uncover trends. It may be identifying a situation in the club before it becomes a problem. Or it may be uncovering offerings, practices, and even team members that are receiving positive reactions from the member population. This is the kind of feedback managers can use to help further nurture these positive experiences at the club.

Member communication & employee engagement

A great feedback solution helps you build stronger engagement with members. Simply by asking for feedback, you are demonstrating to your members your dedication to optimizing their experience. You can then use that feedback to tailor your future communication, focusing on the things they have indicated as their priorities.

Systems like Happometer also recognize the crucial role your staff plays in creating a world-class experience. You can identify your top performers and ensure they are receiving the recognition and rewards that keep them motivated. Or, you could identify areas where your staff is getting overwhelmed, allowing you to make the adjustments. In a tight labor market, this heightened engagement helps you retain and even recruit the best team members.


Customer feedback has always been important. But with today’s advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, premier systems can help deliver a new level of intelligence, analysis, and insight. And, help clubs take their member experience to new levels.

“It creates eureka moments for club managers.” says Atalla, “Those moments can help managers transform their customer experience management.”

For more information on integrating advanced capabilities for managing the member and team experience, talk with a Northstar representative. Or, schedule a demo of the Northstar system, today.