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Using golf club management software to tee up a next-level experience

Using golf club management software to tee up a next-level experience

By Srishti Singh

Any modern golf club has to have software in place to meet the expectations of today’s golfer. It’s simply the price to play.

But if you’re looking to up your game at your club, you need more than just a standalone piece of software that does something like expedite tee time scheduling. You need a solution that gives you the ability to elevate the whole experience.

That means a solution that understands that there is a whole ecosystem at your club. And that the golf offering doesn’t exist in a silo. A solution that recognizes that the experience should be seamless for your members as they move from the course and pro shop to the dining room, the spa, or any of the other facilities.

When a solution does that, it delivers an experience that’s hard to describe. It’s like hitting that approach that leaves you a tap in for birdie.

Driving excellence at your club

If you’re going to get to this next level of experience at your club, you need golf club management software that’s part of a complete club management solution. That means a solution that ties everything together by operating on one database so all parts of the club are connected and integrated. This helps you:

  • Give members the unparalleled convenience of accessing all club services from one intuitive smartphone app
  • Better manage your facilities
  • Streamline billing
  • Anticipate your members’ needs

Let’s look at what you can expect from a solution like this.

Crushing it when it comes to the tee sheet

Having a fully-integrated system doesn’t mean giving up functionality when it comes to your tee sheet. For starters, members should be able to easily book tee times from the club’s smartphone app or website.

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You should be able to employ an intuitive lottery system that allows golfers to request a tee time as an individual foursome or as a linked group – and place linked groups in consecutive tee times. The system should take into account your club’s membership and guest rules. And give you the ability to assign tee times in a random or weighted lottery.

Your tee sheet system should be equally as effective for your tournaments as well. You should be able to set up rules and rates, define the format of your tournament, and manage the start – whether shotgun or crossover. You should be able to set up recurring events (like leagues). And you should be able to activate automated notifications to send registration confirmations as well as updates to your members and staff.

Rising on the leaderboard with related services

Off course, you want the seamless experience to stay on course. That means making it simple for your members to easily access their favorite teaching pro’s schedule and book a lesson – all through the smartphone app. And it means making it easy for you to manage your staffs’ schedules as well as the schedules of any facilities like a golf simulator.

club management software

Your golf club management software should be part of a system that offers this capability.

Of course, it should also offer stellar features that help you manage the pro shop – from optimizing sales to streamlining inventory. And it should give you the reporting to identify trends and even anticipate demand by understanding members’ preferences. When all systems operate on one, unified database, this becomes possible.

Teeing up a next-level experience

Imagine Joe buying a sleeve of balls at the pro shop of his golf club (and the staff member at the shop knowing what brand he prefers to play thanks to the system). Then he heads out to the course to play the round that he scheduled through his smartphone app.

While on the course, Joe makes a dining reservation on the patio – once again through the app. Coming off the course, he meets his family for lunch (where the server knows he likes the cobb salad). He checks his app and sees he can get in a massage at the spa while his family heads to the pool.

Joe doesn't think of all of these as different experiences. It’s all one club experience. Everything is accessible through the app, and all are conveniently billed there. It all feels seamless. And more importantly, it feels like this club fits him and his family.

That is a club that has figured out how a fully-integrated golf club management software solution can help up its game.

For more information on giving your club the advantage of an integrated club management software solution, request a demo of the Northstar system. A comprehensive solution built on one database to deliver a new level of excellence for the golf experience at your club.