How your club management software can help you get a fitness offering in shape heading

How your club management software can help you get a fitness offering in shape

How your club management software can help you get a fitness offering in shape content

By Srishti Singh

Lately, clubs of all shapes and sizes have been taking a closer look at their offering when it comes to fitness facilities. Reports continue to confirm that a fitness offering ranks high in importance for younger prospects considering a club membership. After all, many in this group already belong to a gym and a fitness offering helps make the decision to join easier as they can see how it would replace their current gym membership fees.

Clubs are examining how they can take advantage of the trend. Those without facilities are looking to add equipment, classes and programs, and even staff. Those with an offering in place are looking at how they can up their game – evolving it from a minor amenity to a significant part of their club experience.

Technology does the heavy lifting

Your club management software plays a crucial role in helping your fitness offering become everything it can be. It should enhance the experience for your members while helping to streamline the management of the offering on your end.

Your younger members want the technology integration. They expect to be able to do things like check the workout class schedules from their smartphones – as well as sign up for a class, check their favorite personal trainers’ calendar and schedule a session, and even pay for classes right from the club app.

Of course, any time you add or expand amenities, it triggers a series of issues. From managing the new facilities to handling the staffing.


The good news is that the same technology that gives your members the digital tools they want can also help streamline how you manage the new or expanded fitness offering.

Manage it all without breaking a sweat


Top-notch club management software can help you track the usage of the facility and all the programs. This helps you identify the things that need your attention. It also gives you the ability to understand what classes are popular so you can continue to evolve the offering to fit your members’ preferences. Additionally, you can spin up new offerings and test them to determine their viability. Whether that means adding a pilates class or incorporating a high-intensity training session.

The scheduling component of the software makes it easy to see class registrations and then staff accordingly. You can even manage personal trainers’ appointment calendars. 

Furthermore, the software can tie into the rest of the club. For example, with the Northstar complete club management software solution, your fitness offering’s technology can easily connect with your accounts receivable and accounts payable modules – allowing you to streamline the backend operations.

Since it all operates on one database, you gain valuable insight as well. Like what type of members are frequent users of the fitness facilities and what other offerings they use at the club.

All of the functionality, integration, and insights help you effortlessly build and maintain an exceptional fitness offering that fits the specific desires of your membership and prospects.

A fitness facility continues to be high on the list of wants of prospective club members. Capitalizing on the trend can help advance the success of your club. And finding the right technology can ensure that you can deliver a valuable offering that also helps streamline the work of bringing that offering to life.

See it in action. Request a demo of Northstar’s solution for managing your fitness offering. It’s part of a complete club management software solution built on one database. A solution that gives your members the advanced technology they desire while giving you the powerful management capabilities and invaluable insights that help you strengthen the offering at your club. Request your demo, today.