The surprising club membership opportunity of summer 2022

The surprising club membership opportunity of summer 2022

The surprising club membership opportunity of summer 2022 blog

By Srishti Singh

There are forces that have come together to create a unique situation for clubs. Forces that include world events, economic pressures, and even the Great Resignation. It’s worth considering what’s happening and how it is creating an interesting opportunity for clubs during the summer of 2022. We’ll get to that opportunity in just a bit. But first, let’s look at some of the forces that have helped create this situation.

Everybody is feeling the effects of inflation

Nobody likes paying noticeably more for something that they paid less for recently. Everyone feels this. No matter how much money you may have. That can affect your decisions, especially when it comes to spending on things like a summer trip.

Fuel costs are top of mind

Fuel prices have risen in reaction to the fallout from Russian sanctions due to the war in Ukraine. People are seeing it at the pump. And it’s affecting the cost of air travel. All of this has gotten a lot of play in the media. It’s another factor that may have people reconsidering travel plans this summer.

The airline industry has been experiencing turbulence

Airlines have had to cancel flights. Travelers have complained about being stranded. Some of this is due to a pilot shortage. Some of it is due to weather events. No matter what the cause, this has created concern for anybody thinking of booking a flight. It just adds more headwinds to the effort of convincing people to take a trip.

The Great Resignation has hit the hospitality industry particularly hard

Keeping employees has become more difficult than ever. Especially in the hospitality industry. In fact, one study within the past year reported that “Restaurant and entertainment workers in particular are quitting at high rates — more than double the national average.” This affects vacation locations, impacting the services offered as well as the quality of those services. This is another factor that could affect travel decisions.

What this means for your club

With all the challenges, members who normally travel for a summer vacation may be open to an alternative.

It’s easy for your members to think about the club in limited terms. It’s a place to go play a round of golf. Or, it’s the place to have a nice dinner. But do they think of your club as a getaway? You could make sure they do.

They’re already feeling some reluctance to travel because of the factors we’ve discussed. What if you could show members how to plan a series of getaways at the club for the summer? And what if you could show them how this series of getaways is so much better than a trip out of town, considering all the extenuating circumstances of 2022? This is the opportunity clubs have.

Family by the pool

Seizing the opportunity with your club membership

Now is the time to introduce this idea to members. Demonstrate how easy it is to plan. And maybe even give them some ideas for their club getaway.

Recommend they plan these getaways during the workweek. Taking a day (or two) off work makes it feel like a treat.

Mom ordering poolside lunch with her smartphone

Show them how to easily plan their getaway using the reservation functionality of your club management software system. For example, with the Northstar system, you can schedule a tee time, reserve a court, make dining reservations, schedule a spa visit and more – all from the club app.

Your members could schedule out the day. Imagine a family starting with breakfast in the restaurant Then heading to the pickleball court for a few games. Afterward, they have lunch on the patio. Then mom slips away for a massage at the spa while dad and the kids go to the pool. They have an afternoon of fun and sun and top it off with dinner back at the restaurant.

Family in the club restaurant

This is a simple example. You could develop a number of different itineraries that take advantage of the offering at your club. And then you could encourage your members to plan their own series of mini-getaways throughout the summer.

Doing this has benefits for your members and you. It gives your members a way to treat themselves despite the circumstances that have arisen. That makes you more relevant to your members. Plus, it encourages more visits and increases the potential of revenue generation for the club.

There is a lot at play in our world today. While that can bring uncertainty, it also presents you with the opportunity to help fulfill a need among your club membership. Help them see the potential of your club as the getaway destination this summer. Considering all that we are experiencing, there’s never been a better time.

To learn more about giving your members the tools to make their club experience extraordinary, request a demo of the Northstar complete club management software solution.